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Racist Union Hypocrites…

On December 12, 2011, in Public Employees Unions, Unions Revealed, Vote Fraud, by Warner Todd Huston

-By Warner Todd Huston

Unions are at the head of the critics on the left that claim that voter ID laws are raaaacist and suppress the minority vote. Yet, as Christian Adams’ Election Law Center blog notes even unions require their voters to show their ID before voting.

A picture is worth a thousand words. According to unions belonging to the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) have donated over $26 million to Democratic candidates and causes since 1990. During that same period, the union gave a paltry $272,311 to the Republican Party.

As you’ll note in the photo below the union requires its own members to produce a photo ID in order to vote. The photo shows a union worker voting earlier today on whether to sanction a new four-year contract with Boeing, clearly the union understands the need for a picture ID in order to help guarantee a clean election:

In America, one needs an ID to vote in a union election, buy liquor, drive a car, board an airplane, use a credit card and a slew of other things in our society. Yet, the Democratic party refuses to back the idea of requiring an ID to vote in state and federal elections under any circumstances. A sensible voter ID law that respects the rights of the poor, elderly, and minorities is a great idea. What are Democrats afraid of? You connect the dots.

Yet another example of how leftist and Democrats want to make rules for us to follow… but they don’t feel they need to obey them themselves.

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-By David Martosko

On Friday a liberal political action committee whose top funders include three labor unions, the financier husband of a Democratic Maine congresswoman, and billionaire George Soros, announced the “second wave” of an ad blitz targeting House Republicans whose seats it considers “some of the most vulnerable” in 2012.

A statement from House Majority PAC, a so-called Super PAC that can accept unlimited contributions, says a six-figure ‘August offensive’ television ad campaign will target Republican Reps. Dan Lungren of California and Sean Duffy of Wisconsin.

Rep. Duffy is a House freshman. Lungren has been a House member since 2005, and served five previous terms from 1979 to 1989.

House Majority PAC’s Federal Election Commission filings show that it has already spent more than $82,000 this month on similar ads targeting Republican Reps. Tim Griffin of Arkansas, Scott Tipton of Colorado and Chip Cravaack of Minnesota. The PAC has spent nearly $825,000 overall campaigning against Republican House members since April…

Read the rest at The Daily Caller.

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-By Warner Todd Huston

As a recap on the past recall effort that just occurred in Wisconsin, a final accounting shows that liberal groups spent over $14 million to beat the six Republicans that were up for recall. They failed in four of the six attempts and in the two they won, well, it was a pyrrhic victory to say the least. It all goes to show that money is not always the final arbiter of an election victory.

The MacIver Institute of Wisconsin has created a great graphic to diagram the spending the left indulged to recall these six Wisconsin Republicans. It was mostly union money, of course.

Click Image to embiggen…

Of the totals, MacIver says:

These figures include direct contributions from political action committee to candidates, coordinated independent expenditure campaigns, and individual third party expenditures. The overall effort, however, is likely much larger. Member-to-member communications and issue advocacy totals are not required to be reported to the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board and are therefore not included in this total.

It was mostly wasted money, too. The people of Wisconsin did not accept the union’s viewpoint that the eeeevil Republicans were destroying the state. In fact, just the opposite.

This was a big victory against modern unionism. And what is most encouraging is that this victory has occurred in Wisconsin, a state traditionally one of the most left-wing, progressive states in the Union. If we can defeat union thuggery in progressive Wisconsin, we can do it anywhere.

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