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-By Warner Todd Huston

Folks, we just lost a devastating election. The worst, most anti-American president in American history was just reelected by a sparse margin. One would think that people would be sick and tired of the fall this nation has taken and would have voted for anyone but Barack Hussein Obama. But there is a reason conservatives can’t win.

Friend Peter sends in a little section from an email of exultation from the AFL-CIO. This snippet he sends along goes a long way to explain why we aren’t winning elections as often as we should.

In the past two weeks, the USW amassed 4,100 trained volunteers, plus another 2,900 worksite union members to pass out 2.1 million candidate handbills. Election Day reports filed show 18,315 shifts of USW volunteers and retirees in the battleground states doing block walks and door knocking. During the past two weeks in those states, USW members knocked on 173,800 doors. Another 376,790 direct campaign mailers were sent to USW active and retired members who resided in the battleground states.

There you go, folks. THIS is why conservatives and Republicans cannot consistently win in the political arena.

Unions and their Democrat handmaidens make politics their lives. They organize every day of the week. They don’t just awake from their drowsy sleep the week before Election Day and say to themselves, “gee, let’s see who I should vote for.”

No, they agitate, organize, and prepare, they push their friends, needle their family, and put pressure on their politicians, every day of the year.

They simply out organize us and they have a permanent infrastructure to win elections.

How do we beat this? We have to undermine unions in every way we can, but mostly by cutting into their bankroll. How do we do that? We make sure that right-to-work laws are passed, we make sure that automatic dues withdrawal is stopped, we make it illegal for unions to force workers to join as a condition of work. All this not only brings freedom and liberty to America’s workers, it also seriously diminishes the dues money going into union coffers that is used to fund all their get out the vote (GOTV) efforts.

THIS is why cutting unions down is so important. It isn’t only about bringing worker freedom to America, though that is supremely important. It is also a way to cut the supports out from under the extreme, anti-American left in America today.

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