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-By Warner Todd Huston

This is another great example of why unions are entirely un-American… in fact, in this case they are non-human. In the aftermath of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy union thugs in New Jersey have refused to allow non-union crews that came all the way from Alabama to help the victims.

As TV 48 News reports, crews from Huntsville, Alabama went all the way to New Jersey to help repair the utilities there, but because these helpful crews are non-union, the thugs of New Jersey’s utility companies agitated to make sure these volunteers would not be allowed to work in their state.

The Alabama crews were told they could not help in Jersey and were told to go try Long Island, instead. One crew already gave up and went home discouraged that their offer of help was refused.

So, these union thugs would rather worry about their unions than worry about the victims of the storm? These union thugs are more concerned with their inhuman union than they are about their own neighbors, friends and family members? These union thugs don’t care if their fellow humans are put in danger and discomfort if it means that non-union workers get a chance to help out?

Doesn’t this show that unions don’t care abut people? That all they care about is their greed, avarice, their inhuman “rules”? People don’t matter to unions. Quality of work doesn’t matter to unions. Even reality doesn’t matter to unions. Only unions matter to these union thugs.

Now, Mr. Obama claimed he’d “get rid of the red tape” to help New Jersey come back from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. He said he cared. Yet he’s standing by doing nothing as these union thugs turn away important help for their own neighbors all to satisfy union rules?

How is that cutting the red tape?

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6 Responses to “As Sandy Victims Plead for Help, Unions Refuse Help From Non-Union Members”

  1. Steve says:

    What can Obama do NOW, at this moment, to prevent this? Please be as specific as you can.

  2. White House landlord says:

    Did the thugs turn away assistance after Katrina! Don’t think so!

  3. Charles says:

    It’s outrageous that help would be turned away simply because they were non-union, however have you fully read the article you linked to?
    “Bottom line, it appears now that Decatur Utilities wrongly assumed they would have to agree to the union contract before traveling to New Jersey to help with recovery efforts. The IBEW said in times of crisis, help is welcomed from union and non-union utility workers.”
    Instances of misdeeds should be followed, but it hurts your case when your examples don’t match what you are saying.

  4. Beryl Holtan says:

    Isn’t it clear by now that Statist’ and (the de facto modern definition of) Liberal/Democrat’ and Republican’ (*NOT* conservative’) are essentially one and the same thing? three sides of the same coin? After all, all rely on the power of The State to enforce their ever-more draconian mandatory voluntary’ taxes/regulations/expansions of state power/erosion of personal freedom, no? All view existing laws as not applicable to *them*. (The Statist/Liberal controlled US Senate has not passed a budget since 2009, in blatant violation of existing law; the Liberal DOJ drops slam-dunk prosecutions of Black Panther election/intimidation crimes; Jon Corzine walks around a free man after stealing $1,000,000,000 from his own customers and the DOJ/Republicans have no plans to *ever* bring him to justice for it…) etc etc

  5. GW says:

    The worst part of the deal is the older folks and kids that can’t give their opinions. And the pricks that run unions wonder why more Americans are not pro-union? Look around America!! This is the country that some ignorant people voted for… Our president favors these kinda people..I hope the power stays off for these jerks and their familes through Christmas.

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