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-By Warner Todd Huston

Oopsie. The Chicago Teachers Union had a bit of a problem at a recent meeting over an endorsement for president. CTU members recently gathered to make an endorsement for President — naturally there was no consideration of Romney — but, as they say in Chicaga, a bone got throwed in duh meetin, dare. It turns out the unionistas weren’t too thrilled about supporting Obama again.

Chicago union member Jim Vail reports on his website that the whole rigamarole went awry when a few wags tried to offer up Obama for an endorsement.

As Vail has it, the endorsement was made by the CTU political action committee based solely on the premise that Republicans are big poopieheads.

The teachers, some of the highest paid in the country, then went to send their recommendation to the Executive Board.

When the suggestion went to the exec board, several members said that Obama shouldn’t get the union’s nod because he is a big supporter of Race to the Top. This, the unioners say, is a detriment to education, so because of that Obama should be a no go.

In the end, the Exec Board barely mustered enough “yeas” to pass the proposition. But when the endorsement was then sent to the House of Delegates, the endorsement was never even given a vote.

Why no vote? According to Vail, the Exec. Board wanted to avoid a vigorous debate with a possible and embarrassing “nay” vote on Obama. So, the board’s weak proposal stood and the members did not get a vote.

Doesn’t that just sound exactly like a union? Bosses forcing their opinion on members that don’t even get a vote on the deal?

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