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-By Warner Todd Huston

Members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) are upset. So upset that they are gathering in front of California’s SEIU headquarters to protest. That’s right, they are protesting their own union.

These SEIU members are protesting their own union bosses over matters of waste and transparency — as in their unions bosses are wasting dues money and refusing to tell members to where all the money is disappearing.

These disgruntled SEIU members have launched a website that even calls their own union bosses “the one percent.”

Amusingly, when the protestors came to visit the union bosses, the “one percent” screamed at them demanding to know how much the protesters were being paid to protest. The protesters replied that they were there of their own volition and without compensation.

This is amusing because it is so telling. It is telling because you can see in the reaction of the union bosses that the automatic assumption is that protests are not spontaneous, grass roots events, but are bought-and-paid-for, false narratives created by union agitators. In these bosses’ experience all protesters are paid operatives, not truly interested persons.

So, naturally these bosses imagined that those protesting them couldn’t possibly be serious. They must be shills paid by the enemy. That is what we call “projection,” folks, because that is what they do in every protest.

It gets worse, too. The SEIU bosses began to video tape the protesters. There was one reason for this as far as the protesters were concerned. The bosses were going to use the video evidence to create a “blacklist” with which to punish the protesters.

In any case, as The Heritage Foundation notes, these protesters hope to make this a wider effort.

The group is also encouraging members of other labor organizations to demand access to their union’s financial records and determine exactly where their dues are being spent. They will hold another rally in Sacramento on Wednesday. These union members feel their union officers hardly represent them—another reason the law should let workers should choose their representatives.

Let’s hope they are successful. Unions have gotten away with criminal abuse of their own members for generations. It’s about time it ended.

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2 Responses to “Union Members Protesting… Their Own Union?”

  1. Steve says:

    VOTE YES ON PROP 32……..I was a member of SEIU and know where the money goes. It goes to support all the democrats who are in bed with the union and it’s leaders who live high on the hog with YOUR money.

  2. Chris says:

    They also need to impeach the current leaders and get somebody who is not a socialist/ communist. This is the same union that back illegal immigrants staying in the country. In effect by doing this the union bosses are shrinking the job pool for citizens and driving down wages by allowing these people equal access to the jobs Americans need. They also backed Obama fiat of allowing 2 million illegals to get green cards. A hard working union man is left supporting the scum who thinks that the taxpayers owe them a welfare/ food stamps and free phones and rent subsidies, day care, and medical insurance, etc,.
    Don’t get me wrong the food stamp and welfare programs aren’t the problem it’s the people who think they should be allowed to stay on those programs for life that are the problem.
    The union bosses Andy Streans chief among them are avowed socialist. This should irritate every union man who works for his hard earned money to be given to people who don’t work or contribute anything to society.
    Union members need to rise up and demand that their leadership stop backing the welfare state democrats and that their tax dollars be spent in a responsible way.

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