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-By Warner Todd Huston

On the second day of the strike on Tuesday, Chicago’s teachers and their fellow protesters already showed that they are not interested in acting like adults in this debate. One teachers protester was photographed holding a protest sign claiming that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is gay! Yeah, THAT’S the right way to start negotiations, isn’t it?

The Illinois Policy Institute first photographed the sign that screams, “Rahm Emanuel Likes Nickelback.”

Now, you may not be aware of all the connotations of this sign. Firstly, the Nickelback in question is a Canadian rock band known for its somewhat sex-drenched lyrics. But the band has also become a sort of slang for being gay among many kids these days. If you are a Nickelback fan, many kids say, then you’re probably gay.

In fact, the taunt has become so pervasive that many young people have become confused over the sexual preference of the band members. Are they gay? Many kids think they are..

In any case, if you know the code, this sign is clearly calling Mayor Emanuel “gay.”

Is this the erudite way our teachers and their supporters want to carry on this debate over their desired 30% pay raise?

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