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-By Warner Todd Huston

Speaking of unions trying to force their way into the Michigan state constitution, there is another wrong-headed ballot initiative trying to force union protectionism onto the poor taxpayers of the Wolverine State.

Unions have reportedly spent $1.5 million to gather the signatures to put a measure on the upcoming ballot that will insure collective bargaining rights in the state.

The coalition is called “Protect Our Jobs” and by that they really mean “Protect the Union Bosses Money.” This group has also raised some $7 million to fight for the measure over the next few months.

Labor unions are bankrolling the ballot initiative. Large donations include $1 million from the UAW, $1.25 million from the AFL-CIO State Unity Fund, $500,000 from AFSCME, $460,000 from the American Federation of Teachers Michigan, $333,334 from the Teamsters, $250,000 from the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and $243,972 from the IBEW.

The Michigan Education Association has contributed $500,000, but many of its school district-level unions kicked in tens of thousands in additional contributions, the campaign finance records showed.

What these guys want to do is head off any Wisconsin-like reforms that would bring fiscal sanity to Michigan.

Again, this sort of thing is not what a state constitution should be for. But, the reason these union thugs want to put their self-referential provisions put in the constitution is so that they can take power away from both the voters and the legislature to affect the laws.

No special interest group should be allowed to put their own provisions in a constitution. That just isn’t what constitutions are for.

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