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-By Stephanie Riegel, Baton Rouge Business Report

“Gov. Bobby Jindal took aim at one of the state’s largest teachers unions today for failing to take action against its executive director, one week after his controversial comments about school choice…

Michael Walker-Jones, executive director of the Louisiana Association of Educators, was quoted … as saying some low-income parents are not qualified to decide where their children should go to school, a comment the union later claimed was taken out of context. But in his address today to more than 800 business and political leaders at the 2012 Louisiana Education Summit, Jindal said the comments show a top-down, arrogant mentality.

‘I am amazed he is still representing the organization a week later,’ Jindal says. ‘I think the union should distance themselves from him. … These remarks reveal contempt for parenting.’…”

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1 Response » to “Jindal Slams Teachers Union for not Acting on Director’s Comment”

  1. ka boom says:

    Surprisingly or are no longer concerned about our children’s best interest. Lot more so about political correctness and
    ill-conceived “change”.

    If “average Americans” will continue refusing to take a responsibility for America, incompetent often openly anti-American clueless bastard politicians will fill-in. They will make this once great country to “follow from behind” in the words of the deputy apostle of great deceiver.
    We may soon get some painful answers. If obummer gets re-elected, you might as well seek polytical asylum in China!

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