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Tens of thousands of those jobs are gone, some resurfacing at nonunion plants in other states or in foreign countries with cheaper labor costs.

Now, barely one in seven Wisconsin workers is unionized, the lowest ratio since at least 1964, and they’re just as likely to earn their paychecks from taxpayers as they are from corporations.

In placing a stranglehold on the state’s public sector unions, Republican Gov. Scott Walker has struck at perhaps the final source of union strength in the state, and the squeeze is being felt across the country.

“I don’t want to overdramatize it, but we’re getting down to a last stand of the American labor movement and this might be it, and both sides seem to understand that quite keenly,” said Bruce Western, a Harvard University sociologist who studies labor markets. “This explains why there’s so much conflict in Wisconsin.

“The battle has already been lost in the private sector, so it’s really a pivotal moment for American labor,” he said….

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